Politics and the municipality

How our municipality works

Karlstad municipality creates good days for the people of Karlstad

Karlstad municipality has the most important job of all. You can say that the municipality creates good days for the people of Karlstad.

The municipality ensures that everyone has water in their taps, buses and cycle paths to help people move around and schools where students feel secure and can develop their talents. The municipality gives older and disabled people a higher standard of living and a safe, stimulating home.

The municipality builds the city, making it a place where everyone is welcome, and ensuring that exciting events, featuring music, entertainment or culture, can take place.

Karlstad municipality has responsibility for a large amount of the social services provided locally. The municipality is obliged to provide some of these services by law, others are voluntary.

The municipality is controlled by politicians who are chosen directly by the local electorate every four years.

The City Council and City Executive Board

The political leadership of Karlstad municipality is exercised by the City Council and the City Executive Board.

The City Council takes overall decisions and appoints boards and committees who lead everyday activities. The City Executive Board takes responsibility for ensuring that decisions made by the City Council are implemented.

Politicians appointed to boards

The municipality of Karlstad has 13 other boards besides the City Executive Board. The members of these boards are appointed by the City Council. Each board has a specific area of responsibility.

The role of each board is to achieve overall objectives established by the City Council for their area of responsibility.

Administrations staffed by employees

The boards have responsibility for eight administrations. There is also a City Management Office, which reports to the City Executive Board.

The administrations are staffed by employees who carry out the work assigned to them by elected politicians. Like the boards, the administrations have different areas of responsibility.

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