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About Sharing Towns

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Sharing Towns is a project by Karlstad municipality and partners that aims to suppport the development of the sharing economy and similar circular economy iniatives. The main purpose is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and make it easier to live sustainably.

Studies show that most of us use less than half of our clothes and that about 19 kilos of edible food is thrown away per person and year. As many as 65 percent say they own too much stuff, and 23 percent say they don't even have time to use their stuff.

Sharing economy is a growing trend that encompass borrowing, renting, and other forms of sharing of goods and services with each other. In this way, we use our resources more efficiently and create opportunities for new innovative services. The sharing economy can also contribute to community and social sustainability in general, to an simpler everyday life, and to a city that is attractive to live in.

Sharing initiatives can be initiated by the municipality, businesses, civil society and the citizens themselves. Already today, Karlstad and Värmland are known nationally for several sharing solutions such as Fritidsbanken and preschoolers' clothes swapping cabinet Skåpet Tage, and more initiatives. With Sharing Towns, we want to support and inspire even more sharing, and become a pioneer in the field among small and medium-sized cities.

About the project

Sharing Cities Sweden Sharing Towns is conducted within the national project Sharing Cities Sweden. Sharing Cities Sweden develops test beds for sharing economy in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmö and Umeå, and also contains five strategic projects. Sharing Towns will especially contribute to the national project by exploring how the sharing economy can develop in small and medium-sized cities, and not only in the city centers.

The project contains three work packages:

  • Development of networks and support - develop local cooperation, collaborate with other small/medium-sized cities in the country and internationally.
  • Service development - support for development of services that facilitate sharing.
  • Consumer and business communication - help consumers and decision-makers discover the sharing economy, and further develop the municipality's popular ”recirculation map” (Återbrukskartan).

The project has been supported by the strategic innovation program Viable Cities, which is part of the strategic innovation areas funded by Vinnova, the Swedish Energy Agency and Formas.


Karlstad municipality, WSP, Innovation Park, Center for Service Research (Karlstad University), The Swedish Society for Nature Conservation Värmland, the Swedish Consumer Agency, and Centrum Karlstad.

Do you want to know more?

Contact the project managers for more information.

Henric Barkman, project manager.

E-mail: henric.barkman@karlstad.se

Phone: +46 54 540 47 06

Charlotte Wedberg, project manager.

E-mail: charlotte.wedberg@karlstad.se

Phone: +46 54 540 69 96

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