Winter Cycling Congress 2023

Call for proposals

A head of the 10th International Winter Cycling Congress 2023 in Karlstad we hereby call for Seminar Proposal. 

The Organizing Committee welcomes the submission of proposals for symposia for the International Winter Cycling Congress 2023. The goal of these symposia is to provide a forum for focused discussions due to the topic sustainability and health.

How to submit a proposal

The symposia proposals should contain a suggested Title of maximum 50 words.The proposal should also contain a short text describing the content and include suggested speakers to be part of the symposium, max 300 words.

The specific format of the presentations is decided by the program committee who is responsible for coordination and communication with proposed symposia participants.

Proposals may be submitted until October 15, 2022 using the online form below.
Further details concerning the symposia as well as updated information about the Conference are available here online at

Click here to submit a proposal

Main forum for inspiration and best practises

WCF’s mission is to create opportunities for inspiration, research and collaboration that help cities and countries around the world learn what it takes to develop, implement and maintain bicycle-focused transportation systems year-round. Drawing upon inspiring examples from some of the premier cycling jurisdictions in the world, the Winter Cycling Congress (WCC) is now established as the main forum for sharing examples and good practices of winter cycling design, planning, policy, and implementation around the world.

Its aim is to operate globally, since winter conditions are a reality for billions around the world. It is a conference for everyone who lives in a winter city and who rides a bike, works with bikes, or plans for bikes.

Biking for health and sustainable cities

Past congresses have attracted urban and transportation planners; civil and traffic engineers; designers; architects; landscape architects; public health professionals; advocates; professors and students in planning, engineering, urban studies, social sciences; politicians and policy-makers; tourism professionals; economists; bicycle and bicycle-related manufacturers; manufacturers of city maintenance machinery; artists, journalists and bloggers.

Themes Topics for presentation proposals should fall into the theme “Biking for health and sustainable cities”.

We are looking forward to welcoming you at the WCC in Karlstad in 2023!

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