Winter Cycling Congress 2023

Schedule and speakers

Vy över Karlstad på vintern

We are working on a detailed schedule in agreement with the Winter Cycling Federation. The following are some of the topics that will be discussed during the conference. A more detailed schedule will be released as it is finalised.

Learn about “Karlstad brine”

”Karlstad Brine” (Karlstadslaken) is our innovative salt solution for sweep-salting (using a front-mounted power broom for snow clearance and salt for de-icing). It has lower refreezing temperatures than the standard sodium chloride brine which means it prevents slippery bike paths at lower temperatures than was possible before. It was created in Karlstad to improve cycling paths, but has practical applications beyond that, such as dust binding and foot path clearance. Meet the inventor Tomas Stomberg and hear him talk about our experience with this method.

Local campaigns to promote winter cycling

The city of Karlstad has organized a number of projects to promote cycling in general and during winter in particular. We will tell you about initiatives such as:

  • The winter cycling challenge (utmaningen vintertrampare) where residents who usually drive to work by car accept the challenge to bike to work during the winter months. In exchange the city of Karlstad provides winter tyres for their bicycles and other support measures.
  • Cooperation with local businesses to promote cycling
  • Free sharing services for bicycles

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