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Absence, leave, compulsory school (skolplikt) – what rules apply in school?

A film about what rules apply to absence, leave and illness in compulsory school in Karlstad. English version.

En film för vårdnadshavare om frånvaro, ledighet och skolplikt i grundskolan. Engelskt tal.

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Filmen med svenskt tal:
Frånvaro, ledighet, skolplikt – vad gäller i skolan?

Filinkaan oo lagu hadlayo afka Soomaaliga (filmen med somaliskt tal):
Maqnaansho, Fasaxyo, waxbarashada dugsiga waa khasab,--maxaa leyska doonayaa dugsiga?

English version (engelsk version):
Absence, leave, compulsory school (skolplikt) – what rules apply in school?

النسخة العربية
(arabisk version):
*Arabiskt tal* Frånvaro, ledighet, skolplikt – vad gäller i skolan?


The text of the film:

It is a right for all children and young people between 6-16 years to receive schooling. Here they learn important things to do well in society and gain the knowledge needed to study further in high school.

Compulsory school is compulsory according to the school law and all pupils must participate this is what is called compulsory schooling (skolplikt). As a custodian, you are responsible for your child coming to school. And the school is responsible for your child having a good school day.

If the student is absent from school, the student misses the education he or she is entitled to and risk not meeting the school's knowledge requirements. When children and young people leave school without approved grades, it has a big impact on their future.

There are various reasons for absence, but whether it is an illness, granted leave or something else, the student misses important teaching time.

If your child is absent, the school needs to know. You can call 054-540 30 00 or register online, with the e-service on Karlstad Municipality's website. You need to re-register every day your child is absent.

The school always registers your child's attendance and if your child is not present, you will be notified.

So, can you take time of school? We know that the prices of holidays are cheaper outside of school holidays. And yes, you can apply for leave, but you do not have the right to get time off and according to the law, the headmaster must have a good reason before granting leave.

It is because it affects your child both when it comes to knowledge as well as socially, to be away from school. The class has continued working and it might be more difficult to keep up with the conversations about what happened last week.
The child might also become worried about being behind and stressed about having to catch up after the time away from school.

All children get sick sometimes and must stay at home. If there is something contagious, such as gastric flue, it is important not to return until the pupil is no longer infectious. Otherwise, the child may come back when he or she can manage a school day.

Sometimes physical symptoms such as headaches and stomach aches can be caused by the pupil not being happy at school. If you think this is the case, it is extra important to talk to someone at school, so that you together can do something about it.

A warning signal can be if your child is worried after holidays and weekends, before starting school again. Talk to your child's mentor, the school nurse, or anyone else you have good contact with at school. If your child does not come to school for various reasons, it is up to us as adults to find out why.

If your child has repeated absence, the mentor will contact you as custodian so, you can discuss how schoolwork is affected The mentor can also take help from the school's student health team to find good solutions for your child.

If you want to influence your child's results and schooling, it will help a lot if you are curious about school. If you are interested and talk well about the school, you show that school is important.

For example, you might ask: - What have you learned today? and - Tell me something you thought you did well today.

We work together so that your child will have a very good time at school!