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Karlstad municipality itself does not provide a translation of the website into other languages, the primary language for the website is Swedish.

If you want to access the information in languages other than Swedish, you as a visitor can use external services to translate the content.

An example of such a service is Google Translate from Google. By you as a visitor using such a function, your visit will be tracked by the external party, for example Google.

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Frödingshöjd 9

Gruppbostaden Frödingshöjd 9 ligger i stadsdelen Frödingshöjd. Gruppbostaden har sex lägenheter. I gruppbostaden finns personal när du hemma, även på natten.

Frödingshöjd 9
656 37 Karlstad
Telefon: 054-540 60 62


Sara Eng
Telefon: 054-540 61 11
E-post: sara.eng@karlstad.se

Sidan uppdaterad: 2023-12-01

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